BSR Imprimeurs SA offers you a full service concept. Throughout the entire process, from the point where your needs are assessed to the final outcome, you deal with just one company.

BSR Imprimeurs SA has emphasized the importance of working closely with its clients. This close relationship allows for fruitful exchanges and the development of durable commercial relations.

BSR Imprimeurs SA considers itself as a « human sized company » in the sense that it is characterized by direct communication channels, answers in a short period of time and a flexible infrastructure. Together, these characteristics guarantee fast and efficient execution.

The employees at BSR Imprimeurs SA have always had a taste for doing things the best way. Qualified and skillful, these modern craftmen deliver sleek work. They do their best to use clean technologies and environmentally friendly materials such as recycled and FSC papers.

Training young people is really important to BSR Imprimeurs SA. Apprenticeship opportunities are regularly available to teenagers in the field of both design and print.


The quality of your files deeply influences the final result. This is why the BSR Imprimeurs SA prepress department can advise you on the development of your project from the very beginning. This first step allows you to check and fine tune your files before sending them to the press.
Using the highest performing softwares, our graphic designers verify the quality of the pictures and correct them if needed. They make sure that the balance between texts and images is harmonious. Furthermore, they help give your layout a more aesthetic and marketable look. In order to strengthen the coherence and graphic impact of your marketing material, they can also create and design booklets for you as well as logos, magazines, newsletters, posters, business cards, annual reports…

With its 1-2-5 color offset press park and its digital printer, BSR Imprimeurs SA handles the process of all your printings from a to z. Digital printing is your best option for small texts and standard quality, especially if your printing deadlines are tight. On the other hand, offset printing is the way to go if your documents need special ink, special care (hot foil, varnish, embossing), an original touch, or require perfect color control. The choice of printing type depends on your communication goals, demands and expectations as well as your budget. Given your criteria, our specialists will guide you to the most suitable printing process.

The difference is in the details. This is why BSR Imprimeurs SA pays very close attention to the finishing of your documents. Accordingly, our print shop has a fully equipped finishing department. From plastification to folding, perforating, binding and other specialties, everything is meticulously executed to give your documents the most attractive and professional look.

Save time by allowing BSR Imprimeurs SA to prepare and distribute your mailing. Our company takes care of everything. It merges the addresses, dispatches and puts the letters in the envelopes and delivers it all to the post office which is conveniently located in front of our print shop. Everything is under control and your clients get their mail right on time.

Feel free to contact us for more information.

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